What our patients have to say...

"Dr. Bannister is truly unlike any other chiropractor. His unique skillset, which includes certified Applied Kinesiology and Nutritional Testing, got to the bottom of some tough issues I've had for several years that neither my existing chiropractor nor medical doctor were able to help with. After 3 weeks of visits my extreme neck pain is GONE, my brain-fog cut by 75%, and multiple hormone issues including lethargy and hot flashes are GONE! The label of "chiropractor" is a complete understatement of his abilities. Thank you so much for your time, attention and incredible care."

-- Ann L.

"Two Roads Wellness Center is truly a place of healing. Dr. Bannister is not only a highly skilled chiropractor but also a holistic healer who goes after and treats the root cause of problems and not just the symptoms. His multi-pronged approach of adjustments, nutrition and exercises, tackle problems in a full body systemic way that gets you to the healthiest version of you. His gentle techniques are highly effective which for me, have prevented several bigger issues from taking hold and also resolved multiple issues that my doctors have told me were “normal part of aging”. After being treated by him over the past several months, both my son and I feel healthier than we have in many years. The office has excellent hours and the staff is wonderful. It has been a life changing experience and one that we are truly grateful for having. My son and I highly recommend Two Roads Wellness Center as a “must- stop” on your road to good health and wellness."

-- S. P.

"Today was my 2nd visit and, already, I can feel such an improvement! Doing hair for 30 years has caught up with me and I was really having a LOT of shoulder pain! I’m feeling so much relief! Thank you Dr Aaron! I now have hope! I was ready to look at a new career!"

-- Maureen Z.

"Dr. B is wonderful! Started to see him the first of March 2018, I already feel like a new person. I had surgery to remove a tumor which was on my spinal cord. I've had pain ever since not to mention no range of motion. I thought I would have to live the rest of my life in pain or on pain medication. I'm virtually pain free and no prescription pain medications. Unbelievable. THANK YOU Dr. B. and April is wonderful as well!"

-- Krista G.

"Dr. B is the best! I think he has fixed every issue I had! My health is far greater as a result of his continual care. Friendly people and excellent service, I highly recommend."

-- Cherie B.

"Dr. Bannister can be the start of a whole new beginning if you take the leap. I had spinal fusion in my early 20's due to severe scoliosis. Prior to seeing Dr. Bannister I was dealing with degenerative disc issues, muscle spasms, which go along with a condition called flat back syndrome that came about from straightening a part of the spine that should not have been straightened. I was a mess and never thought a chiropractor was an option for me. I was so miserable and uncomfortable in my body and felt hopeless because the doctors told me the only way to fix this is with another surgery. The doctor also told me this surgery is much worse than the first one- and there are no words to describe how god awful that one was. There was also nothing else I could do in the meantime as it progresses, except to get injections to help with the pain. I never went to any of those appointments. Fast forward to almost a year later and I've never felt better. My pain...what pain? My back shape has changed and looks beautiful. I stand taller and I feel so good in my own skin. I work out three times a week building muscle and strength like never before. Dr. Bannister is gentle, caring, and he genuinely wants to help you heal and be your best self. He can do so much to help, but you also have to help in the process if you want to feel the amazing results. When he offers you stretches or a little homework-DO IT. It just helps you feel better faster. My whole family sees him. I take my kids and my husband, who I can barely get to his yearly physicals sees him every Saturday. He also helped my anxiety and acid reflux. I was on Prevacid for over 10 years and have not taken one pill since I started seeing Dr. Bannister last April. I feel so much better that my anxiety is in check and I sleep so good. Literally LIFE CHANGING and I can't thank him enough. THANK YOU DR BANNISTER! Also, shout out to April who manages the office portion. She keeps it fun with lots of ways to get free adjustments, she is always pleasant, and works so hard. Thanks April for all that you do. There are not enough stars for me to push as you can see this place is beyond 5 stars."

-- Rachel K.

"Where to start… I came to Dr. B. after suffering a bulging disk a year before that left me with limited use of my left leg and a lot of pain. Three different doctors and six months of physical therapy later left me with some relief but I was still not able to sleep at night due to the pain and leg cramps that drove me out of bed. I had also had chronic pain in my left ribs that I had been living with for over ten years. This had gotten so bad that even putting on a shirt that was snug would cause me to immediately change my choice in what to wear that day. I thought I just needed to work out smarter so I went to work with a personal trainer. He gave me Dr. B’s card. I stuck it in my book as a bookmark and looked at it every day for almost 2 months before I finally made the call. Since starting with Dr. B., my quality of life has changed dramatically. Not only can I now sleep at night, I can sit correctly and comfortably in my chair at work. My left leg is functionally much better. Things like putting on socks and tying my shoes are no longer an issue. Best of all, my husband can once again put his arms around me without causing me pain. I was surprised at the amount of relief I experienced in just the first week! I am still working on breaking the bad habits I developed over many years, but with Dr. B.’s help I am getting there. Little things like how to sit in your chair to keep your neck from hurting or how to walk so your body is less stressed are making all the difference. What took me so long?!"

-- Melanie R.

"Dr. Aaron has helped me immensely in the past few months that I've been seeing him. He is so knowledgeable and has a true passion for Chiropractic and for helping his patients. I am a cosmetologist, and my job takes a toll on my body, I can honestly say that I haven't felt this good in years! I am also so thankful for April as well, she is always so accommodating when I schedule or have to move appointments around. Thank you Dr. Aaron and April for everything you do!"

-- Katie N.

"Dr. Bannister is awesome. I have a lot of neck pain, and have been to so many doctors without much help. I've been seeing him for about a month and already notice a difference. Wish I had found him sooner. I would highly recommend."

-- Gayle C.

"Dr. Bannister has been responsible for significant improvement in my quality of life. When you go to him, don't be surprised if everything improves, not just your sore back."

-- Kathy R.

"I have been going to Dr Bannister for a year now. He is the best Dr you could ever find. I have had jaw issues, fixed it, vertigo, and he has helped me more with vertigo than any specialist I have ever been to. Highly recommend anyone see him first! One visit and you can tell a difference."

-- Linda B.

"I have been seeing Dr. Bannister for a few years now. He has a great attitude and is very personable. He always makes an effort to do a complete job and shows genuine concern for issues I'm having with my body. I would highly recommend Dr. Bannister's work."

-- Vaughn H.

"I first started seeing Dr. Bannister to find relief for my Fibromyalgia. I had been diagnosed with the condition in 2001 but had suffered with severe muscle pain most of my adult life. Dr. Bannister recommended nutritional supplements that almost immediately relieved the pain. After being a patient for over 7 years, I am pain free and able to be active and enjoy my retirement!"

-- Karen H.

"Dr. Bannister is the best chiropractor I have been to. He is very knowledgeable about how to resolve all kinds of pain issues. What I especially appreciate is the time he takes-I never feel like there is a rush to get to the next patient. And he will often recommend stretches/exercises to do to help with maintenance, etc. Great doctor!"

-- Raquel W.

"My daughters and I love Dr Bannister! He gives us an adjustment and off we go, ready for anything, without back pain! We have been seeing him for years. They are always bugging me to make an appointment! He is an excellent chiropractor."

-- Cheryl C.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Bannister for several years now. He really takes his time during each consultation to determine the source of pain. He leaves no stone unturned. His treatment is gentle and effective. Dr. Bannister is a highly skilled chiropractor and he has my recommendation!" :)

-- Lisa G.

"Dr. Bannister is an excellent chiropractor. I received care from him for several years. I am very impressed with his knowledge, thoughtfulness and kind spirit. He was very helpful to me in all respects and I strongly recommend him to others."

-- Arlene W.